Secret Gardens.

Events. I’m into that stuff.

I just experienced my first London Fashion Week fashion show – and apart from the fact that I actually work for the fashion label and was at the venue from 8am to 10pm working with our events team and making sure everyone had a fancy shmancy time – it really was quite a cool experience. I have done a blog post about the event and the clothing line and other little tid bits throughout the day here.

Now, if any of you follow the fashion world, you would have seen the Burberry fashion show, which was by far one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. Everything from the venue to the live orchestra was perfect. P-e-r-f-e-c-t.

And it got me thinking, what if I could plan my very own event – I’m not limiting myself to a certain event – let’s just assume it could be anything at this point. No surpirse, but I’m drawing inspiration for my imaginary event from Burberry! After a bit of research, I thought that something along the lines of a ‘secret garden’ theme would be not only beautiful, but also a great way for everyone to feel relaxed. So here are a few of my ideas: garden square, filament light bulbs hanging over the seating area, runway across the garden – but instead of a straight line, I’d prefer it in a more interesting shape, maybe a slow S-curve with the stop-pose-turn bit happening on a little bridge over a mini stream, a refreshment bar with a touch of industrial letter lights, a few misplaced mirrors around the venue, sofas and cushion beds, and of course we would have to incorporate my favourite thing in the world ever – copper.

What’s an event without digital animation? But since the show is based around a naturistic world, digital animation will just have to blend in. As we are in my world of imagination where everything is possible and no idea or concept presents too high a budget or is considered not acceptable or whatever, my limits are limitless.

So there you go. A few concepts and ideas on what I would love to have if I could plan my own event!


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