London Fashion Week SS16.

Recently, I started work in the Events department for a fashion label that was having a fashion show as part of London Fashion Week. It was a crazy fun experience, and being in on the whole event process was pretty epic! It even made up for having to wake up at 6am. I got to meet gorgeous models (who are very chill and down to earth), chat with a few of the celebrity guests, and had a weird encounter a drunk-ish photographer.

The show itself went amazingly well. Indian music blared out of the speakers, getting everyone into the vibe. There was also a traditional drummer at the very beginning of the runway beating his hands to the rhythm of the music. My favourite part though, was the finale dress – the dress was pure white with the most intricate details sewn into and onto it – it looked amazing. But that’s not all. The whole point of the dress was to have the first 10 guests on each side of the front row throw Holi Powder at the model and her dress as she walked through the runway. Now this could have gone horribly wrong or friggin awesome – and it went friggin awesome! I wasn’t close enough to see the whole process, but what I did see was white light and an array of vibrant colours whooshing around the centre stage. The model then walked down the runway like she had done this a million times – there was colourful powder all over her face and her dress looked EPIC. I have included a before and after picture of her dress below.

Oh, and probably should mention that themeĀ of the show was Indian Warrior Princess – which was pretty cool!

So here are a few pictures from the day.

The invite
Getting the goodie bags ready
Event floor being set up
Set up of the hair and make up room, which was later transformed into the VIP Room
Rehearsals – blurry, but hey
Celebrity guests at the entrance refreshments area





Final dress – pre holi powder
Final dress – post holi powder


Goodies in the goody bags

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